Patents and technological transfer

July 2018

A patent has been submitted to the Spanish Patent Office (code= 201830757) on the growth of materials in cryogenic conditions.

Co-authors: J. M. De Teresa, R. Córdoba, S. Strohauer, T. Torres

July 2018

Signed agreement of CSIC, University of Zaragoza, Autonomous University of Madrid and ARAID with the company GPNT to transfer the exploitation rights of patent P201731292.

November 2017

A patent for Magnetic Force Microscopy tips based on Focused Beam Induced Deposition has been submitted to the Spanish Patent Office (code P201731292).

Co-authors: M. Jafaar, J. M. De Teresa, A. Asenjo, J. Pablo Navarro, P. Ares, C. Magén, J. Gómez.

January 2015

Signed agreement between CSIC, University of Zaragoza and the company GPNT to transfer the exploitation rights of know-how on the growth and characterization of epitaxial graphene on SiC substrates.

March 2014

José M. De Teresa is co-promoter of the spin-off company Graphene and Nanotechnologies (GPNT, This company is a CSIC technology-based company and a spin-off of the University of Zaragoza that commercializes graphene-based and nanotechnology-based products.

December 2006

Presentation of a patent on an apparatus for the analysis and quantification of the analyte concentration in a sample using magnetoresistive sensors (Spanish Patent Office, code=ES20060003259). PCT extension, code= WO200807ES00723.

Co-authors: M. R. Ibarra, J. Sesé, J. M. De Teresa, C. Marquina, D. Serrate, D. Saurel. No longer active.

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